The Romanian canoe champion strongly believes such an international movement is poised to properly support ecotourism. If you plan to enjoy and protect nature, why wouldn’t you try rowing, a healthy and gratifying alternative to high speed trips that are currently turning peaceful rivers into noisy boulevards.

Rowmania is the a brand and eco-initiative of the Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association, which develops tourism products, social entrepreneurship programs, campaigns for rowing, and sustainable development programs in protected natural areas.

The movement was launched in April 2011, when Ivan Patzaichin launched a rowing boat with a new and unique design – the canotca, the “waters’ bicycle”. Events for Romanian and foreign tourists will follow, with a focus on activities that support the people and traditions in the Danube Delta. Everything with the aim to promote Romania, as genuine and lively as she can be witnessed during a boat stroll.