PLUG TO NATURE blends eco-philosophy with design, visual art and music, being concerned with the definition of a new kind of urban attitude towards the natural. The focus is to explore the intersections between creative fields, ecology, technology and urbanism. The sculpture-like installation was the result of a work collaboration between several “actors”. The method that grounded the production of this public art project was similar to the process of “archiving”. The information was collected within the framework of a workshop in the Danube Delta – that started with Tulcea and Sulina, continued with Letea and finished at Chilia Veche.

The team: Ivan Patzaichin, Teodor Frolu, Olah Gyarfas, Electric Brother, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Sori Istudor & Kalliopi Dimou, Alina Serban, Cristian Mosoia

credit photo: Nicu Ilfoveanu